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The organic superfoods that complement your beauty routine.

For glowing skin, shiny hair and smooth digestion 100% organic baobab, sourced from 100% organic ginseng, sourced from Very high in vitamin b and c, magnesium, potassium and calcium 42 vegan capsules (21 of each) for a 3 weeks cure

#ready4more?We plant one baobab tree for each Glow box sold. This is why it matters.


1. Glowing, radiant skinRich in anti-oxidants and promoting collagen formation.2. Stronger nails & fuller hairReinforcing properties through Omega 3, 6 and 9.3. Flatter stomachSmooth digestion through high content of essential dietary fibers.4. Immune system boostThe right vitamins to improve your body's natural defenses.++++ ConveniencePop your morning pills & go (don't spit, swallow)





Proven anti-inflammatory properties due to the natural compound Rg3, linked to improving the skin's complexion. Link to full study. A clinical trial on women demonstrated the anti-wrinkling effect of Ginseng. Link to full study. Full list of studies (7797 available)


It's not just about the beauty of your skin.

It's about taking your confidence for a spin.It's about throwing your worries into the bin.It's about looking ready for your next big win.

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